Home Pairs Competition 2018 – Round 3

Pairs Competition 2018 – Round 3

The next round of the pairs competition will be held on 19th & 23rd February at the Sea View Labour Club at 8 pm. If you are playing a league match first please ring 07823490291 to let us know your going to be late. Thank you

27th February (Rearranged from 19th February due to lane availability)

Barry Stars. S. Huxter & W. Phillips
Barry Stars.  L. Lambeth & D. Bowsher
La Belles.  L. Hassen & B. Nicholson
Witchill Weebies.  S. Lou & R. Royal
 Sea View Ladies.  C. Griffiths & S. Humphries
 Breakaways.  V. Martin & B. Thirston
 Red Admiral.  S. Hayes & H. Selby
 Castle Bandbits.  C. Evans & E. Evans
 Guardian Angels.  D. Ling & Ri. Overton

23rd February.

Breakaways.  V. Martin & N. Bichard
 Space Finders.  J. Jones & R. Whyman
 Castle Bandbits.  J. Grant & C. Kerslake
 Challengers.  J. Dimond & D. Elston
 Airways Angels.  Marion & Jean
 Barry Stars.  C. Bishop & N. Jones
 Nite Outers.  M. Hudson & B. Lowrie
 Dolly Mixtures.  T. Rowsell & P. Brigham
 La Belles.  H. Williams & J. Cordy.

The top 4 from each game to go through.