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Meeting Minutes 22-01-2018

The meeting commenced at 8.06pm
All the committee members attended and 46 out of the 55 Secretaries.

Cheques from the Christmas Raffle were presented to Blood Bikes Wales and the International Tortoise Rescue Sully. Photographs were taken to go with an article thanking everyone who donated prizes for the Charity Raffle and sent to the Gem.

Minutes of the 6th November 2017 were read and approved.

Cards still not being filled out correctly.

The first night of the pairs 6 teams didn’t turn up. Pairs were to stat promptly at 7.30 and then go to their skittles match but as pointed out if two teams had the same number of points and they had left to play their game of skittles they couldn’t roll off to see who was going through to the next round. So it was decided to start the pairs at 8.pm and teams to have their rolls at their game first. We asked teams to let us know if they were going to be late because they were playing skittles first.
Secretaries are not passing information to their teams.

We asked for feed back from the Christmas Party and asked for suggestions for the Next Presentation and Christmas Party.

We gave out the web address and the email again.

Trophies were presented to Boozy Birds

We asked if everyone agrees that the Secretaries Cup be changed to the Faye Williams Trophy and a Trophy be introduced to the Senior Citizens Competition be called the Audrey Jackson Trophy it was agreed by all. There already is a cup called the Connibear Cup. It was pointed out that there already was a Rose Bowl Trophy for the Secretary’s Competition. Cyndy is to find out who gave the Rose Bowl if he minded giving the rose bowl to another competition.

It was brought up that some teams are heckling the opposing team whilst they were taking their rolls, and when asked not to interfere the team member swore.

Ann White gave a report of the Balance Sheet for the previous year.

It was suggested that in future the balance sheet be signed by the auditor.

The money from the tickets that the Barry Stars and the Rebels returned for the Christmas Party be given to Charity.

The Meeting closed at 8.46pm

Next meeting 26th February