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Meeting Minutes 11-03-2019

The meeting commenced a 8.02pm
The Committee and 43 Secretaries were present

1) Minutes from the meeting 4th February were read and agreed.

2) Result of the pairs and prize money to be awarded were announced:-
i. Winners G. Moorcroft & M. Brinkworth Hillbillies £120.00
ii. Runners up D. Bushen & M. McKinney Witchill Widows £60
iii. Losing Semi Finalists :- J.H. Jones & L. Bowsher Little Devils. B. Thurston, V. Martin & L. Burnett Breakaways £20 per team.

3) The meeting were asked if they would prefer a Summer Cup to be held in conjunction with the Glenbrook were the Landlord would provide supper for the teams, or to hold a Summer Cup at the Castle. The meeting voted for the Glenbrook

4) Letters of Thanks from Ty Hapus and Velindre Hospital were shown to the Meeting.

5) A Christmas Party on 6th December was choosen and the Presentation of Prizes to be arranged in the Summer Break at a meeting.

6) The Secretaries were told that if they are using chalk pens the Board MUST be cleaned at the end of the match.

7) We Clarified the lowest score the rule is that the lowest score be put in as the spare score, if there are 2 spares then the bottom 2 lowest scores are counted eg. Team has 2 players scoring 3 these are the scores that are used NOT a 3 and the next lowest .

8) If players that need to have their rolls before the start of the skittles game to go to work must arrange it with the opposite team before the match, so that at least 1 player from the opposite team is present. And only if their team has no reserves. If a player is in work on the night of their game and is unable to get to the game should be given their mark so they can play the next game.

9) We asked that any score cards outstanding from last season be sent in ASAP other wise they will not count.

10) Games due to be played over Easter will be given an extra week to complete the season.

11) In any other business it was brought about foul language on the alley, and the Bimbos still not separating raffle tickets into individual tickets. It was decided that foul Language will not be tolerated and Captains should speak to any player swearing to curb their language, also the Bimbos are to be fined £5.00 for not separating the raffle tickets.

12) The meeting closed at 8.30pm and the next meeting will be 1st April