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Meeting Minutes 01-10-2018

A complaint had been received by the committee that an established team had allowed a new member to have a practice on the alley before a league this is against rule no 7. In future any team found to be allowing this will have 2 points deducted.

Captain are to make sure that especially new players understand the rule that balls must have left the hand and rolling before the white line as in rule no 16.
2 complaints were received by the committee that teams are still not offering raffle tickets as single tickets but at £1.00 a strip, the Hillbillies were fined £5.00 for the offence and the Boozy Birds given a yellow card as it was a new team member and didn’t understand the rule. The yellow card now applies to the whole league as it is an offence under the Gambling Act 2005 not to offer and sell tickets as individual tickets.

A leaflet called how to send us your score card for dummies has been produced to try and encourage teams to send their score cards in via iPad, tablet and smart phones, if you want a copy I can email it to you.

Registration forms for the pairs comp are ready and must be returned complete with fees at the next meeting.

The persuaders are playing on a Monday not a Wednesday as in the fixture books.

Score cards still not being sent in on time and incorrectly filled in.

Hell Raisers now playing at the Park on. Tuesday

At the November meeting a £5.00 donation instead of raffle prizes to be paid and each tea to sell £1.00 raffle to each team member for the charity raffle drawn at the Xmas party , name of team and contact number on each ticket, if no team member attends the party prizes will be awarded to the winner, contact by phone,

Tickets for the Xmas party now on sale party 8th Dec.

Charity’s nominated to receive the raffle money are Ty Hapus, Barry Beavers swimming for the disabled and valindra hospital,

Next meeting Monday 26th November

New contact number for little devils Denise Harrhy, 07957886048

If you want registration forms for the pair I can email you that but if you’ve not got a printer I have them at my house