Home Meeting Minutes 07-09-2019

Meeting Minutes 07-09-2019

The meeting commenced at 8.01 pm

All the committee and 46 secretaries were present

The Minutes of the last meeting were read and approved.

  1. The amount of money paid to the sticker up was confirmed at 75p per player although if a team wants to paid more they can, but they cannot insist that the other team pay the same.
  2. It was brought to the attention of the committee that the Twilights played a game with only 10 players and only paid the Sticker up £7.50 instead of the required 9.00. Teams were told that however many players they have the sticker up must be paid the full £9.00.
  3. Not many teams are both sending in cards. If only 1 card per game is sent in can the Captain/Secretary  carefully check the card before signing it. We are still receiving cards filled wrong  i.e. no totals, teams putting down that they played a team in a different division & incorrect totals for opposing team meaning wrong points were given. It doesn’t take long to check the details are correct. Also if both teams are sending in cards can the away team please fill in the card with the home and away teams are in the correct order. Its confusing when the away team sends a card to the web with their team as the home team.
  4. The pairs competition forms were given and must be returned at the next meeting (4th Nov) with the correct entry fee i.e. £2.00 per pair. If a team enters a reserve they must paid £1.00 for that player
  5. The £5.00 donation for the Christmas raffle must be in by the next meeting to enable the committee to purchase the raffle prizes.
  6. Each team to sell raffle tickets in their team at least £12.00 per team. These can be handed in at the next meeting onwards. As long as its before the Party.
  7. Nominations were asked for the Charities to receive the money raised from the Christmas Raffle.
  8.  The meeting were asked if they agreed that the Secretaries Competition be held between 6th & 10th of January 2020. Obviously this depends on the weather. We are trying to encourage more of you to support this Competition. If the Secretary / Captain is unable to attend they can nominate a team member to play for them.
  9. When a team/teams cancel a game can you please let the committee know asap and confirm the new date and play on the night of the home team.
  10. We have asked several times that when registrating new players inform the committee and pay at the next meeting, not to post list and money through the letter box of a member of the committee.
  11. In any other business it was brought up that a team playing at the Witchill had brought their own drink ( Vodka & orange ) in a squash Bottle.
  12. Teams were told that when drawing the raffle ticket they must ask the captain of the away team to pick the ticket and to draw it in the alley Not in the Bar.
  13. The Meeting closed at 8.31pm