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League Rules


The Secretary and Assistant Secretary to prepare all fixture lists and take care of any documentation in the smooth running of the League. Copies of all correspondence to be produced for all Officers of the Committee to have an understanding of the game play and League Members registered.


The Treasurer of the League will keep up to date records and bank all monies relating to the League. To prepare income and expenditure accounts monthly and copies for the Officers of the Committee so they can have an understanding of available League Funds, to include a signed annual report by a qualified person. At the AGM copies of the annual report will be available for all officers of the Committee and League Secretaries. All cheque withdrawals must be signed by any 2 of the serving Committee Members, and approved by the Committee. All money collected at the meetings must be counted by the Committee before banking is completed.


Any problem or incident arising n the League must be brought to the Chairpersons attention, before dealing with the matter, unless it’s urgent. The Chairperson will oversee the smooth running of the League and have the final decision in any incident/ problem. The Chairperson will provide leadership and control the flow of information at meetings and throughout all League matters, and to act as a figurehead and represent the organisation publicly

Team and Team Members

1. All teams are to be represented at all meetings, by the team secretary or a delegated team member. Failure to attend will incur a fine of £2.00. Failure to attend two (2) consecutive meetings will result in a further £2.00 fine and two (2) points deducted from the team score.
2. Team Members must be 18 or over. Any team playing an under aged or non registered players will incur a fine of £5.00 and lose four (4) points and either be suspended or banned from the League
3. Players must only play in 1 team. Members can transfer only once in a season and transferring members must first have been removed from the list of their previous team, by informing the Committee Secretary before playing in the new team.
4. Any variation in the name of a League Team must notify the Committee Secretary. Teams are required to update the list of players annually at Registration.
5. A Team consists of 12 players when fully represented. A minimum of 8 players plus 2 spare scores are required to play. Lowest and next lowest scores as spares
6. Each Player must have free and unobstructed use of the alley to play 5 rolls in a game. Each roll the player will have 3 balls making 15 balls in total in a game. Two sets of balls 6 balls are allowed in the chute, but whichever of the balls a team member chooses to play all 3 of the same set must be used, until their next roll.
7. Players are not allowed on the alley before a League match and must conduct themselves in a sporting and professional manner throughout the game of skittles. No Bad language or aggressive behaviour will be tolerated.
8. Players can only “take their rolls off “ early, if there is a Maximum of 12 players in a team and no “dropped” players. There is no roll limit, but a member of the opposing team must be present and in agreement.
9 Team members are to be registered by 8 P.M. on the night of play. Games start at 8 P.M. or earlier if the Captains agree, but no later than 8.15 P.M. with or without a full team. Shift Workers are allowed a late pass till 9 P.M. –NO LATER-, as long as the opposing team are notified of a late arrival of the player, before commencement of the game.
10 Home team to play first. The “Sticker Up” to be supplied by the home team and must be 12 years and over, and paid a minimum of £6.00 per team, £12.oo in total.
11 All players have until the last but one player of the opposing team’s second roll to be present or forfeit playing. Shift workers (as long as it’s before 9.p.m. can play. Team Secretaries attending a League meeting are excused this rule.
12 Any Team who cannot fulfil their weekly fixture must give 3 days notice to the League Secretary and opposing Team Secretary. Failure to do so will result in the loss of 4 points and a £4.00 fine. The match must be rescheduled to be played within 1 month or the League Committee will fix date and time of play. Ant team cancelling the same game for a second time will forfeit the game and the opposing team awarded the points.
13 Shortage of Players is NOT a reason not to play a game. Failure to play due to shortage of members more than twice will mean deregistration of the team.
14 All First Season matches must be played before the turn around of fixtures.
15 Where a team drops out of the League before completing the first half of the season, points gained against that team will be lost. If a Team drops out in the second half of the season any points gained against that team will be kept, but points gained in the second half will be lost. Teams not fulfilling a League Season will not be allowed to register the following season
16 Captains of the Teams are in charge of the game in general. There is no “Line Woman” but the line must be observed. The ball must leave the hand and be rolling before the line to be in play. Captains are also the deciding factor in any dispute arising in the game. Any protest in connection of a league match must be reported to the League Secretary or Chair person within 3 days of the dispute in question.
17 The Secretaries of the Teams are to check the scoreboards, balls, chute and scorecards. They must report any misconduct highlighted by their Captain to the League Secretary or Chairperson within the time mentioned. The scorecards must be sent or handed to the League Secretary within 7 days of their Match. The scorecards must be sent in or handed to the League Secretary, or uploaded to the web page or sent to the email address within 7 days of the match.
18 Late cards are charged at 50 pence, if the cards and more than 7 days late a further fine of £2.00 will be imposed. Home teams are responsible for sending in the cards, but both teams can send a card each or a JPG picture of the chalk board (including team names) can be uploaded to the web page or email address- cards must still be on time.
19 Any Raffle tickets sold at games must be offered singularly at 25 pence a ticket, anyone buying 4 tickets at £1.00 will receive a free ticket. This strip of 5 tickets must be torn into separate tickets and all placed in the draw. Thereby giving every ticket a fair chance of winning. It is ILLEGAL not to enforce this any team abusing this rule will be fined £5.00 and banned from selling tickets at their games.
20 All Money to be paid at the monthly meetings and a receipt given. No money to be delivered to the homes of the Committee.
21 Finally, enjoy the game of skittles, it’s a fun night out, but rules are rules and must be observed

Barry and District Ladies Skittles League

1. The name is the Barry and District Ladies Skittles League and is open to membership of the Ladies Skittles Teams within a radius of approximately 7 miles of the Headquarters, nominated by the Officers of the Committee.
2. Officers of the Committee consist of a Chairperson, Secretary, Assistant Secretary and Treasurer. To be elected annually and Re-Election for the following season is permitted. Nominations for Officers with 2 proposed are to be submitted by the end of the business meeting prior to the AGM.
3. Meetings will consist of the Officers of the Committee and 1 Secretary/delegate from each of the teams. Two thirds of the League to form a quorum.
4. Additional committee members can be co-opted for a specific need, if agreed by a quorum. Officers of the Committee may call additional executive or extraordinary meetings as necessary. Chairperson to oversee all matters, events and business relating to the League.
5. The League Committee shall have the power to suspend or cancel membership of any League Team or Individual player that is found to be in breach of the rules or by action considered by the Committee to have brought the game into disrepute.
6. Meetings will be held on the first Monday in the month, unless informed otherwise. The AGM will be held annually in June and Registration to be held in July. The Leagues financial year runs from 1st June -31st May this allows all financial transactions to be completed in the currant year.
7. At the AGM and for all other matters arising each team will have 1 vote, a simple majority being sufficient for approval. The Chairperson will have a casting vote
8 The object of the League is to play home and away matches. Matches to be played Monday – Friday only. Points awarded as 2 point for a win, 1 point for a draw. 2 points awarded for each roll won and 1 for a drawn roll. Pins must be standard bottle size and if a pin is moved when struck but remains upright the pin remains in play as is.
9 Trophies to be returned by the meeting in April and defaulting teams will be fined £10.00 per trophy. Teams not returning trophies will be charged with the full cost of a replacement.
10 Trophies and Prize money to be collected at the Leagues Annual Presentation event. If a team is unable to attend the Presentation a nominated representative can collect any prize money provided the Committee is informed and the representatives sign a receipt.
11 Promotions in the League divisions will be 2 teams up and 2 teams
down. This is decided by those teams that have the best and least points at the end of the season. If teams have equal points promotion
and relegation will be decided by the number of roll points.
The balancing of divisions will be decided by the Committee.
12 Annual Registration Fees for each team to be agreed at the AGM and
Paid immediately before commencement of the Registration Meeting.