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Meeting Minutes 06-11-2017

The Meeting commenced at 8.07 pm
The Committee was
Cyndy Fenton, Helen Ball, Anne Bird and Ann White
50 teams were represented

Minutes from the last meeting were read and approved.
A letter of Thanks from the Air Ambulance had been received after the donation of £50 was sent in memory of Fay Williams, and was read out.

The meeting was asked when marking their cards not to put in the top box above the roll scores the points they had gained but to put number of rolls won. A mock up of how this was to be done was handed around.

It was suggested that money raised from the Christmas Party Raffle be donated to the Tortoise Sanctuary Sully and Blood Bikes Wales. This was carried unanimously. It was also put to the meeting that the £5.00 donations from the teams be donated to the Cadoxton Conservative Clubs appeal to purchase a defibrillator This was also passed unanimously.

It was suggested that a photograph of the Blackboard could be sent to the web instead of the card.

We asked if any teams did not intend to use their Dance Tickets we would try and resell them.

Pila Pala’s didn’t want the money back for their tickets and gave it into the charity.

The Meeting was told that after pricing up catering for the party we found it to be too expensive so it was suggested that each team brought their own food,

Treasurers Report

Raffle money and Registration to be paid in to the bank

Selling of Raffle tickets must be offered at 25p each and not only as a strip for £1.00

Teams Still Struggling to find team members have asked again if any interested in joining.

More Trophies were handed out

The date of the next meeting was announced as 22nd January 2018

The Meeting closed at 8.34 pm