Home Pairs Competition 2018 – Round 2

Pairs Competition 2018 – Round 2

Please can teams let a committee member know if your pairs team are going to be late because they have to play their skittles match first or if they need to swap teams around

5th February TOP 6 TO GO THROUGH

(Please note: Correction made 02/02/2018 – La Belles / A. Chick / S. Davies Changed to Roller Coasters / C. Thomas / S. Jones)

Roller Coasters May Pratt Gloria Giles
Breakaways V. Matin B. Thruston
Space Finders J. Jones R.Whyman
La Belles S. Peacock R. Clogg
Challengers J. Dimaond D. Elston
Witchill Weebies T. Edwards S. Edwards
Dolly Mixtures A. Forrest E. Bryan
Airways Angels Marion Jean
Family Affair S. Vincent S. Wilson
Barry Stars L. Lambeth D. Bowsher
Little Devils S. Vilder G. Bowen
Barry Stars D. James H. Aviant
Roller Coasters C. Thomas S. Jones
Nite Outers M. Hudson B. Lowrie

15th February TOP 6 TO GO THROUGH
(Correction 06/02/2018 – Date changed from 9th to 15th due to lane availability)

Witchill Weebies S. Lou R. Royal
Red Admiral S. Hayes H. Selby
La Belles B. Day C. Knight
Guardian Angels S. Aston S. Clark
Cigar Ladies D. Jones A. Dix
Sea View Ladies C. Griffiths S. Humphries
Barry Stars C. Lambeth J. Green
Castle Bandits J. Grant C. Kerslake
Hillbillies G. Morrcraft M. Brinkworth
Breakaways V. Martin N. Bichard
Family Affair S. Wilson S. Evans
Barry Stars S. Huxter W. Phillis
Hell Raisers M. Davies C. Davies

12th February TOP 6 TO GO THROUGH

Breakaways C. Parfitt J. Dawkins
Family Affair C. Taylor A. Hort
Barry Stars C. Bishop N. Jones
Dolly Mixtures T. Rowsel P. Brigham
La Belles L. Hassan B. Nicholson
Guardian Angels D. Ling I. Overton
Cigar Ladies D. Rogers N. Shaw
La Belles J. Williams J. Cordy
Barry Stars A. Cullen T. Johnson
Sea View Ladies R. Leach R. Lacny
Allsorts C. Newell C. Brewer
Castle Bandits C. Evans E. Evans
Little Devils L. Bowsher J.H. Jones