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Next Round of Pairs Fixtures

Next round of the pairs comp is 18th February at the Castle 8 pm
If your team are playing a skittles match they go to that first have their rolls and then come to the pairs, but please let me know if they are going to be late. Thank you

Witchill Widows :- M. McKinney & D. Bushen
La Belles:- E. Cordy & N. Cordy
Sea View Gals:- C. Gaffney & N. Jones
Hillbillies:- G. Moorcroft & M. Brinkworth
Breakaways:- B. Thurston, V. Martin & L. Burnett
Dolly Mixtures:- T. Roswell & P. Brigham
Sea View Ladies:- K. Lancy & J. R. Lach
Livin on a Spare:- S. Aston, T. Mountjoy & S. Clark
Red Admiral:- S. Hayes. & H. Selby
La Belles B. Nicholson& D. Coughlin
Hillbillies:- E. Anzani & D. Stewart
Dolly Mixtures E. Bryan & A. Forrest
Odd Bods:- T. Ceriani & K. Dutton
Cigar Ladies :-D. Rogers & G. Drew
Merry Makers:- H. Duddridge & K. Toogood
Little Devils:- J. H. Jones & L. Bowsher.