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Anniversary Knock Out Cup

This year the ladies skittles league is 70.

The Committee has arranged an anniversary knock out cup but are very disappointed that so few teams are taking part. Although we announced it at the meetings on 4th June and again on 2nd July it was mentioned to me this week that some delegates or secretaries who attended these meetings have not passed the information on to their teams.

If any team would like to play in the anniversary cup you still can please contact a committee member by FRIDAY 27th July, it’s £10.00 per team of 6 which includes £3.00 sticker up for the 1st round.

Also there are some ladies who have been playing skittles since 1948 if you know anyone who started playing skittles in September 1948 and is still playing can you please let me know. The next meeting is 20th August 8.pm Cadoxton Cons.

Don’t forget the presentation night 17th August 8 till late Cadoxton Cons there are a few tickets left if your interested.